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Update: Fisk commits following Junior Day visit

2017 tight end Tucker Fisk has decided to continue his family's Stanford football legacy on The Farm. Fisk, whose father, Jason, starred for the Cardinal before enjoying a lengthy career in the NFL, announced his verbal commitment to Stanford on Monday night following a weekend Junior Day trip to campus.

"I sat down with my parents, we talked about and I just decided it's where I want to be," Fisk said. "So I called coach and committed."

"You can't get a combination of academics like Stanford has and football like Stanford has anywhere else. Going there just seemed like a special place and I just wanted to be a part of it."

Fisk informed a pair of Cardinal coaches of his decision last night.

"First I called Coach Turner and he seemed pretty excited. He told me to call Coach Shaw. I talked to him for a little bit - they both seemed pretty excited. I was also very excited."

Also thrilled to receive word of Fisk's decision was his father, who will once again spend his Saturdays in Stanford Stadium, only this time in the stands rather than on the field.

"He was pretty happy," Fisk said. "He was doing a little dance on the side."


Our initial Junior Day recap with Fisk is below


Fisk had been to Stanford on several occasions for football games, but he saw a different side of The Farm on his Junior Day trip over the weekend.

Fisk, whose father, Jason, starred for the Cardinal before enjoying a lengthy career in the NFL, had been to Stanford on several occasions for football games, but he had never gotten an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the program and university until the Junior Day visit.

"It was the first time I had really even been around the campus," Fisk said. "Even though my dad played there I really hadn't been around the campus all that much - just football games, really."

"It was really, really cool. It's a beautiful campus and obivously it's a great academic school. It was cool."

Fisk particularly enjoyed getting a better feel for the way the football program operates; the campus tour was also a highlight.

"I think sitting in on the practice was one of probably my favorite parts," Fisk said. "And then getting to sit in with the meetings - we sat in on an offensive meeting with the players and we went through an install period with them. That was kind of cool. For the school part, the campus tour was awesome, just because it's such a pretty school."

The three-star tight end was accompanied on the trip by his parents. But while Jason Fisk might have spent several years on Stanford's campus during the 1990's, he wouldn't have been much help as a tour guide.

"What he kept saying is everything is just so different now," Fisk said. "Like, all the buildings and all the things he used to recognize and go to, most of it has been redone or changed. It was almost like he was taking the tour for the first time, too."

Over the course of the weekend, Fisk was able to spend time with his potential future position coach, Morgan Turner.

"He was really talking about the school," Fisk said. "There wasn't really much conversation about necessarily the recruiting process going forward. He just said come back any time you want - it wasn't a huge conversation about recruiting."

Fisk was hosted on the trip by freshman inside linebacker Sean Barton.

"He talked about you have practice a lot and the school's hard, (but) you still have social time, (though) it's obviously less than a normal student," Fisk said. "He was just saying he really likes the team. He said he loves the players and he really likes it. "

All told, the trip to Stanford cemented the program's positive reputation for Fisk and helped the Davis High School stand gain a deeper understanding of what the university has to offer.

"Obviously everyone knows Stanford is a great school, but I guess I didn't really know necessarily what that meant," Fisk said. "So going there kind of showed me what it is - the students are obviously really, really intelligent and really cool people. The campus is pretty and I kind of learned why Stanford is considered such a good place."

With the Junior Day weekend concluded, Fisk said that Stanford is "definitely a top contender" in his recruitment.

He doesn't currently have any other college trips scheduled.

"I really haven't planned any other visits," Fisk said. "I was kind of trying to see what this one would turn up like, because obviously academics are important to me, so I wanted to see how I liked this one before I started planning all the others. Because honestly I haven't really talked to many other about coaches about it yet."